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What do we do?

Accounts administration

• Manage groups
• Manage users
• Manage permissions
• Manage categories

Finance management

• Manage collections
• Manage disbursements
• Follow the operations from start to finish

Loan management

• Manage the proportions to be disbursed when loan
• Let NKAP manage interest distributions for you
• Confirm, Confirm disbursement. Then validate and confirm the refund

Tontine management

• Get an overview of the beneficiaries at all times
• Validate collections
• Manage fines on non-collection

Events management

• Organize meetings
• Centralize reports
• Manage participations

Management of articles of laws

• Forget your notebooks
• Mark your rules in writing
• Approve or not articles
• Even better : Manage article paragraphs

Votes management

• Trace your decision-making
• Vote anonymously
• Archive your decisions

Management of fines

• Administer types of fines
• Follow penalties / penalties
• Track your personal situation

Be serene

• HTTPs : Enjoy complete security
• SSL : Enjoy encryption while browsing
• BACKUP : We save your data every day
• BACKUP : We save your data every week

Functional on manybrowsers

Thanks to this solution SAAS , navigate on all platforms

Our team


Lenine DJOUATSA : Project manager


Cedric FOLEPE : Sales manager


Sonia TIANI : Quality Manager


Eric GUIMATSIA : Technical-functional architect


Sofie Baker DJOUMESSI : Legal representative


Zepirin CHEBOU : Sales representative


Vanessa MOMO : Quality Representative

NKAP Administration

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